Nowadays, as advertising has been prerequisite for the development of a brand, images and ideas have become common concepts penetrating vigorously into our life and substantially affecting decision making process of customers. The prevalence and development of advertising industry as well as technologies in producing commercial images enable companies to make use of them to be highly successful.
In such a severely competitive market, images of a product is no longer a means of transmitting information for customers, they are also artworks indicating superior characteristics and the outstanding excellence of a product compared to others.
Our professional one-package service of designing, brainstorming ideas and shooting provides you a perfect tool to reach your audience. Above all, we offer you beautiful and inspirational images.
Our collection of images and ideas ensures that we are always available to meet your various needs. We not only store available images but also keep us informed of the latest trends in the market and customers’ needs.
BongSen Media (BSM) is one of the few companies going against the trend of growing in width, alternatively, we focus on in-depth capabilities in the field of creating and producing advertising images.


Pro Digital Camera

Medium Format &

[4×5] inch film size


6000 W/s Strobe

200 W-12kW Daylight HMI

500 W – 10 kW Tungsten Light

BSM is currently the only Agency in Vietnam to use specialized equipment imported from Enlinchrome – Switzerland. Our technique in shooting is carried out with creative concepts which enable us to create meaningful messages meeting future standards.

Radius 3D technology allows us to create the themes of high accuracy in perspective and focus accompanied by special light effects. ISP (Idea – Shooting – Product) is our well-rounded service system starting from idea brainstorming, shooting to producing final products.

With the adoption of modern technology in Vietnam, we are committed to bringing our customers with the best products and services of international standard. This means your demanding requirements are motivation for us to enhance our quality.

Our Customers
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