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At BongSen Media, we build an effective communication solution for customers which we call B.I.C.S (BongSen Media Integrated Communication Strategy). By integrating the quintessence of traditional media art with the outstanding advantages of modern media methods following the 4.0 trend, we promote marketing and brand communication elements on the platform. application of artificial intelligence in advanced tools ahead. Since then, we help clients create communication strategies and campaigns in the spirit of the globalization era, catching up with the world's rapid development trend, but still not forgetting the values ​​that the form Traditional media can bring to businesses.

The key to a successful communication strategy and to a lesser extent an effective communication campaign lies in the ability to coordinate elements of the brand communication ecosystem, including the means of communication. system and modern, in order to achieve balance and multi-channel and multimedia access to potential customers. The development of science and technology opens up many expectations about the unlimited proliferation of new communication methods and their far-reaching impact in the process of conveying meaningful communication messages, but at the same time. It is also a big challenge for businesses on the journey to build and spread brand value. How to combine 2 extremes belonging to 2 eras - 2 periods with different characteristics and influence in the same campaign to achieve maximum communication effect for the Enterprise is the question. million dollars that the team of experienced experts at BongSen Media will help customers answer.

Starting with a methodical and extensive research process on brands and the factors that drive the field of brand communication, we will propose a communication strategy for each campaign, using a combination of communication methods. Traditional and digital media in balancing the budget is suitable for the Enterprise, so that every dollar spent in the budget is a dollar effectively used by communication activities, creating momentum for revenue growth and trust level. potential customers' love for the brand..

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