About BongSen Media

BongSen Media (BSM) is one of the leading domestic advertising and media companies in Vietnam. We are experts in creating ideas and producing advertising images, enjoying a 20-year reputation with more than 500 direct clients, which are the leading brands in Vietnam.

Inspired by the passion to tackle any challenges in the media industry, BongSen Media aims to be a trusted partner who can create distinct values for its clients. Our reputation has been built ceaselessly over time. We offer creative products that are able to deliver lively messages from our clients to their publics. In addition, we are now one of the few agencies in Vietnam capable of catching up with the latest world technologies as well as proposing the most effective mass media channels. BongSen Media, in its own way, has embraced great power to bring people together through the art of media and communication.

At BongSen Media – You are more than welcome. It is our responsibility and also our promise.

If you are our CLIENTS,

  • We will listen and share with you ideas and thoughts, even ones you’ve been struggling to express;
  • We make your desires and dreams come true;
  • We provide you with fresh feelings and DISTINCT VALUES;
  • We offer all-in creative design services, from idea brainstorming, graphic design to printing. We declare your brand’s position and features with primary products, including media and advertising publications, office publications, high-class printing products.

If you are our PARTNERS,

  • We will be with you to set goals and conquer new heights.

With 20 years of development and experience, we are honored to be a professional and reputable supplier of graphic, media and communication solutions for many big brands in Vietnam.

Scope of Activities
Graphic Creative

We provide all-in creative design services, from ideas brainstorming, graphic designing to the printing process, declaring your brand’s position and characters with primary products including media and advertising publications, office publications, high-class printing products.

Brand Consulting

BongSen Media supports Clients in every single phase of brand building and promotion, ranging from brand consulting, idea brainstorming to strategic planning and evaluation, which aims at conveying messages of your brand and its values to the target audience.

Aavertising and Media

With a deep understanding of brand vision, mission and values, we are proud to be one of the leading Agency in Vietnam, providing all-in advertising and media solutions to entrepreneurs of all fields and scales. Our mission is to promote your brand and inspire brand loyalty.

Photo Studio

We have been applying state of the art technologies as well as the ISP system, which stands for Idea, Shooting and Product in our advertising photos production process. We are committed to providing our customers with sharp, perfect and impressive images to not only boost products sale but also to make the brand reside longer in customer perception.


With 20 years of research and development, BongSen Media possess a huge database of New Year’s products, especially Calendars. Given our unlimited capability in designing creative concepts as well as our cutting edge printing technology, we bring inspiring art to your life by getting artworks out of the ordinary Calendars.


Advanced technologies and production line such as the X-Rite Spectrophotometer, Proofing Printer help us control strictly the quality of our products. We also manage systematically the RGB and CMYK’s ICC Profiles during the image printing process to provide customers with the best printing outputs.

Our Customers
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