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L’Indochina Mooncake - The quintessence of every taste

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a unique traditional culture of Vietnamese people which takes place on August, 15th  in the lunar calendar annually. This is an opportunity for families to reunite and appreciate the beauty of the moon, children can have fun with folk games such as lion dance, lantern parade or they can enjoy Mid-Autumn specialities., ... in this traditional festival. Today, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become an important occasion to express gratitude among family members, partners and friends, ... An indispensable gift for each Mid-Autumn Festival is the moon cake. L’Indochina is pleased to introduce our very first special collection: L’Indochina Mooncake and Tea

L'Indochina Mooncake and Tea will bring you a truly grateful feeling by the elaboration details of the product and the of the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine crystallized in L'Indochina Moon Cake


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