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Designing a professional corporation identity program

In recent years, the Brand Identity has played an important role during the process of development. In the Brand Identity, the elements which are logo, color of brand, slogan, website, advertisements, catalog, brochure, poster and so on,  create a uniqueness for your brand.

With the goal of increasing brand awareness of your brand in domestic and foreign markets, BongSen Media provides a consulting service and supports customers during the process of building the Brand Identity

The process of designing a Brand Identity has 5 steps. BongSen Media provides solutions to increasing brand awareness of your business in the market. 

Initially for the process, BongSen Media conducts researching and analyzing your brand. With demands and primary information of your firm, BongSen Media carries out extensive research into your company, your products and your targeted customers.

Through the research, BongSen Media design team thinks up the brand design ideas for your firm as well as supports determining the core values of your business, thereby forming brand identity ideas and developing into  images and messages from ideas about the brand.

Next is the stage of implementing the design of the brand identity, the design team of BongSen Media receives the ideas and presents the design images according to the needs of your business. This design is censored by the brand experts from European agencies.

With the support of BongSen Media, your business should register for trademark protection early to limit image duplication and also avoid problems related to trademark copyright. However, it’s not necessary for you to register all products under the Brand identity department. 

After receiving Certificate of trademark registration, you have the full rights to use the Brand Identity during the business and promote your brand. 

With the spirit of innovation, BongSen Media’s staff regularly updates new trends in the domestic and international markets to bring the most suitable service for your company to reaffirm its position as well as transforming the brand.


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BongSen Media is an AGENCY considered one of the best partners in Vietnam in the field of creative content, design, printing, content and advertising image production, and comprehensive brand strategy consulting.

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EXCLUSIVE CALENDAR for businesses and organizations is often used as a meaningful Tet gift to promote the image of products, services, and the value of the brand to customers and business partners.

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Designing annual report for enterprises

The annual report is assessed as a panorama showing business operations, profits and activities related to the business in one year of operation with the plan and development orientation in the following year. Because it contains a large amount of information and is complex, annual reports are required to be scientifically designed and reasonable so that readers can follow and grasp information easily. 

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Designing an enterprise website has never been so easy

In the 4.0 era, it’s difficult for a business to survive without a website for itself. Even a simple, well-designed website can give you an advantage as it opens up opportunities for customers to find information about your business and products or services with just a few clicks. Website design software has evolved to make it easy for everyone to use even without knowing how to code.

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