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Corporate gifts - Calendar is a basic and important product

On special occasions of the year, companies often tend to choose suitable gift products for each time, in which, calendar is a meaningful publication for each New Year’s occasion. Not only does it have material value but it also replaces the good New Year wishes for the recipient. Below, BongSen Media gives you some reasons why you should choose a calendar as a gift for your company.

1. Calendars are practical gifts

Its usefulness is demonstrated through the frequency of use by your clients. In today's life, people are busy, so it is common to use a calendar as a reminder of important tasks. Not only are they used in homes with a 365-day calendar or a wall calendar but they are also used in the workplace with templates such as desk calendars. At BongSen Media, you can choose the right calendar templates for you or request an exclusive calendar design depending on the needs of your firm.


2. Calendar is a meaningful gift

The use of the calendar as a gift in the first days of the year shows the concern and care of the business to customers and partners as a good New Year wish to everyone. It represents the business’s thanks to customers and partners for trusting in using products and services and accompanying the business; is a gratitude to the employees who have worked hard for the development of the business in the past year.


3. Calendar is a brand advertising tool

Calendars are put in a conspicuous place as a reminder of the time for the user, so whether displayed in the home or in the office, it is still noticed by many people. Therefore, taking advantage of the space to advertise products, services or brands in the calendars is very popular. Through calendars, your company can promote products as well as introduce your firm to consumers not only loyal customers but also potential customers, thereby improving the level of brand recognition of the business.

With selected information and displayed on each calendar page, your business controls the message you want to convey to their customers and partners. The company’s messages when printed on the history accompany users every day for 1 year, so your company needs to choose an appropriate and impressive message to convey. To support your company, we provide consulting services in the process of designing and selecting transmission information to ensure that the broadcast content is consistent with the goals and mottos that your firm is aiming for.

With 20 years of experience, BongSen Media is a reputable and professional calendar manufacturer nationwide with many product models such as Bloc calendar, 52-week calendar, 12-month calendar, 7-sheet calendar, folding desk calendar,... With a variety of themes for customers to choose. In addition, we also provide an exclusive calendar service exclusively for businesses that indirectly help your firm increase their brand influence in the market.


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