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4 factors that make up a good slogan for a brand

A slogan is appreciated when it contributes to bringing your business brand closer to consumers with its unique language values.

A slogan is a concise text describing the value of your business that your firm wants to announce to the market. Slogan is an important ingredient when your business holds a marketing campaign with their logo and brand name. To create a slogan to make a mark on consumers’ minds, what should your business do?

While there are no concrete rules for creating a catchy slogan, there are a few key traits that your slogan should have

1. Brevity

A short slogan will be quickly remembered without taking much time to put into the mind of customers so the probability of keeping the information becomes higher.

2. Clarity

The best slogan helps to establish a brand identity or a business product in a clear and simple way. Express what your business wants consumers to know and feel through simple communication.

3. Powerful

Active language advertising campaigns with strong verbs or urgent words will intentionally direct potential consumers to the brand. Make sure that the language used makes the consumer want to do it right away.

4. Memorable

A memorable slogan will combine strong words with a concise message to create a lasting impression on the customers of your business.


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EXCLUSIVE CALENDAR for businesses and organizations is often used as a meaningful Tet gift to promote the image of products, services, and the value of the brand to customers and business partners.

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Designing annual report for enterprises

The annual report is assessed as a panorama showing business operations, profits and activities related to the business in one year of operation with the plan and development orientation in the following year. Because it contains a large amount of information and is complex, annual reports are required to be scientifically designed and reasonable so that readers can follow and grasp information easily. 

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Designing an enterprise website has never been so easy

In the 4.0 era, it’s difficult for a business to survive without a website for itself. Even a simple, well-designed website can give you an advantage as it opens up opportunities for customers to find information about your business and products or services with just a few clicks. Website design software has evolved to make it easy for everyone to use even without knowing how to code.

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